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The KIDS Plus Immunization Information System (IIS) (formerly known as KIDS Registry), operated by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, is a confidential, population-based, computerized system that collects and disseminates consolidated immunization information for Philadelphia residents of all ages. Health care professionals and patients can be assured that their immunization records are safe and complete and will be available to them for years to come.

KIDS Plus IIS meets the guidelines for immunization information system functionality developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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  • About KIDS Plus IIS

    History of the Philadelphia Immunization Registry

    In 1993, with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Keystone Mercy Health Plan, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) the Kids Immunization Database/Tracking System (KIDS) was started. The mission of the project was to develop, implement and evaluate an immunization tracking system for Philadelphia’s residents. In 2007, the first web-based KIDS system was created allowing users direct access through a secure website. The most recent upgrade in 2012 to the KIDS Plus IIS used today, continued the secure web-based access and included additional immunization practice tools for providers.

    From its start, KIDS has included children from 0 – 7 years of age, expanding twice. In 2007 the Philadelphia Board of Health regulation was expanded to require reporting on patients 0-18 years old and an addition expansion in 2009 requires reporting on all adults over 18 years. Reporting on all immunizations administered through the lifespan is required by a Philadelphia Board of Health regulation.

    What can KIDS Plus IIS do for my practice?

    An immunization information system is an important tool to increase and sustain high immunization coverage rates by consolidating immunization records from multiple providers, allowing providers to generate recall notices for individuals who are not up-to-date, minimizing over-immunization, and identifying missed opportunities for immunization. The following tools are available in the KIDS Plus IIS for providers:

    • Quick patient immunization history search
    • Built-in recommendations to show which vaccines are due for the patient
    • Printable school immunization forms
    • Practice-specific patient remind and/or recall reports
    • Practice-specific immunization coverage rates
    • Practice-based patient roster

    Important Links

  • KIDS Plus IIS Forms

  • Reporting Requirements

    Reporting Immunizations is Required

    Pursuant to its public health authority under § 6-210 of the Philadelphia Health Code, the Philadelphia Board of Health has issued regulations that mandate reporting of immunization data on all immunizations administered to all individuals in the city of Philadelphia — children 0-18 years of age and adults over 18 years of age — to a citywide immunization information system.

    The KIDS Plus IIS requires providers to report at least once a month to ensure accurate and up-to-date data. There are several ways in which providers can report data to KIDS Plus IIS.

    Philadelphia Immunization Regulations

  • Reporting Methods

    Electronic Reporting

    There are two different data sources and methods of reporting data to KIDS Plus IIS electronically:

    1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Billing extract: Data is extracted from a billing, EMR or EHR system, .CSV, .XLS and .TXT formatted files are submitted to KIDS Plus IIS via the Philadelphia Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Website. Click here for more information on reporting requirements.
    2. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Health Level 7 (HL7) reporting: Data is formatted in HL7 messaging format and transmitted to KIDS Plus IIS through SFTP or SOAP web services. KIDS Plus currently supports HL7 v2.5.1 batch, real-time uni-directional and bi-directional messaging. Click here for more information on HL7 reporting and meaningful use.

    Electronic reporting has several advantages over manual reporting, primarily the reduction in workload on the provider compared to manual reporting. In addition, there is virtually no delay from submission of data to entry into the KIDS Plus IIS, resulting in rapid access to data for reports and patient search.

    Manual Reporting

    This method requires data submission by paper reporting forms either via secure fax to 215-238-6944 or by mail to KIDS Plus IIS. 500 S. Broad St. 2nd Floor Philadelphia Pa, 19146. There are three types of logs used to report data to the KIDS Plus IIS:

    1. Influenza Reporting Form
    2. 0 – 18 Reporting Form
    3. Adult Reporting Form
  • KIDS Plus IIS Users

    KIDS Plus IIS is an important tool for Philadelphia immunization providers, clinics, schools, hospitals, or entities that have contracted with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health for immunizations. Access to KIDS Plus IIS is permitted to individuals who fit one of the above categories. Any request for access to KIDS Plus IIS is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    How to get access to KIDS Plus IIS

    • Review the KIDS Plus IIS Confidentiality and Security Agreement
    • Complete the last page of the agreement and return it to us by fax, email, or mail.
    • Once your agreement is processed and approved, KIDS Plus IIS staff will contact you directly with your log-in information.

    For more information on how you can get access to KIDS Plus IIS, please email us at or call us at 215-685-6784.

  • Confidentiality Policy

    User Confidentiality Policy

    The data contained in KIDS Plus IIS are confidential. Prior to accessing KIDS Plus IIS each user must read and sign a KIDS Plus IIS User Security and Confidentiality Agreement. Users, healthcare entities, or schools who violate this agreement are subject to immediate termination of electronic access, and may face civil or criminal charges for improper disclosure of health information.

    Please note that the following are examples of improper use of the KIDS Plus IIS:

    • Sharing your login and password with others, including co-workers.
    • Using another person’s KIDS Plus IIS login and password.
    • KIDS Plus IIS records are not to be shared with unauthorized users, nor are they to be accessed for research, presentations or publications.

    KIDS Plus IIS requires user authentication, individual passwords changed every 90 days, and completion of a new agreement annually. KIDS Plus IIS staff conduct extensive audits of user activity records. KIDS Plus IIS revises its Confidentiality and Security procedures as industry standards are updated.

    Click here for the KIDS Plus IIS Confidentiality Agreement.

    HIPAA Exemption

    The reporting of immunization data to KIDS Plus IIS is exempt from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule since it is considered a public health activity. HIPAA allows public health authorities to collect immunization information without an authorization. However, the KIDS Plus IIS is HIPAA compliant for all standards established for security of electronic personal health information.

  • KIDS Plus IIS FAQs

    What is KIDS Plus IIS?

    KIDS Plus IIS, also known as KIDS Plus or KIDS Registry is an electronic tracking system for health care professionals to retrieve and store immunization records.

    Who is required to report to KIDS Plus IIS?

    Any Philadelphia provider, who administers vaccine within the city’s jurisdiction, is required to report to KIDS Plus IIS.

    How do I get access to KIDS Plus IIS?

    If you are a provider that would like access to KIDS Plus IIS, please complete our Confidentiality Agreement. KIDS Plus IIS staff will evaluate your request and will contact you, if there are any questions.

    What type of equipment do I need to access KIDS Plus IIS?

    Your office will need a working computer, Internet access, Adobe PDF Reader, and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are acceptable alternatives). There is no software to install and access to KIDS Plus IIS is free of charge.

    How do we report immunization information to KIDS Plus IIS?

    Your office can report immunization information electronically through your billing system or EMR/EHR system. If you are interested in reporting via HL7, please visit our Meaningful Use page. If your office does not have the capability to report electronically, reporting on paper Immunization Reporting Forms is an option.

    Where can I find the KIDS Plus IIS Reporting forms?

    Please click on the “KIDS Plus IIS Forms” tab above for those paper KIDS Plus IIS reporting forms. The KIDS Plus IIS reporting forms can also be found on our homepage under the “Important Forms” section (bottom right).

  • Chart Reviews

    Immunization Chart Review Specialists (ICRS) conduct data quality checks through provider provided data or by on-site chart audits of pediatric and adolescent immunization providers within the City of Philadelphia. ICRS are dedicated to the various Immunization Program data collection needs, as well as the Provider Based Outreach Initiative. Click here to learn more about immunization outreach.

    Chart reviews are primarily focused on infants and young children under the age of 2 for PBO needs, and adolescents and teens (11-18 years old) for all other programmatic needs. However, chart review may be conducted on any age range in the KIDS Plus Immunization Information System (IIS).

    • ICRS – pull physical charts or extract patient immunization histories from provider databases.
    • Entering immunizations that have been administered to children but are missing from KIDS Plus IIS following the chart review.
    • Updating patient information.
    • Gathering and reporting data quality issues to KIDS Plus IIS.