Download a copy of this program update here.

Reminder: we need your emergency management plan

The VFC/VFAAR Emergency Vaccine Management Plan has been  updated for 2018. This document helps both you and us prepare for an emergency—like if the power goes out or if your refrigerator or freezer stops working.

If you haven’t already done this, we need you to update your information on the Emergency Management Plan and send it to us. To update your plan:

  • Print a copy of the plan, which you can find here
  • Complete the first page and fax it to us at 215-238-6948
  • Gather the supplies needed for emergency transport (listed on pages 6-7), and store them near your storage units
  • Post the Emergency Vaccine Management Plan near your storage units

Keep vaccines safe while defrosting—check out our guidance

Freezers can sometimes build up too much ice. When you need to defrost your VFC/VFAAR unit, we can help you move or store your vaccine while you defrost your primary unit.

For complete guidance on defrosting, click here.

The KIDS Plus IIS has a new name

Introducing PhilaVax—the new name for our Immunization Information System (IIS). It was time for a new look and a new name, since the IIS covers Philadelphians of all ages, not just kids.  You’ll still log in and use it the same way, but we’re excited to give it a new look and a new name.