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There is a new flu vaccine product available for providers to order this flu season. In addition to Fluzone, FluLaval pre-filled syringes are available for all VFC-eligible patients 6 months and older. This product is a .5 mL pre-filled syringe and is indicated for all VFC-eligible patients.

FluLaval and Fluzone come in different presentations with different dosing guidelines.

FluLaval Fluzone
Presentation            Single-dose syringe Multi-dose vial
Dosing 6 months -18 yrs 0.5 mL 6 – 35 months 0.25 mL
  3 years+ 0.5 mL
Manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline Sanofi Pasteur
Eligibility 6 months – 18 years 6 months – 18 years
Type Inactivated, quadrivalent Inactivated, quadrivalent
NDC 19515-0912-52 49281-0627-15
CPT Code 90686 6 – 35 months 90687
3 years+ 90688
CVX Code 150 158
Notes Contains no thimerisol

Order flu vaccine throughout the season, as you need it. Keep vaccinating patients until product expires. Only use VFC vaccine to vaccinate VFC-eligible patients.

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