Philadelphia Immunization Year In Review

To all of the providers and staff who are part of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Vaccines for Children and Vaccines for Adults At Risk programs: 2017 was a terrific year—thanks to you. Click here for a PDF of this message.

Vaccines are one of the best public health interventions ever developed. When we achieve high vaccination rates, we protect everybody. Thanks to your hard work, Philadelphia has done a great job protecting its residents—especially its most vulnerable ones—through vaccines.

New School Requirements

Last spring, the state announced new school requirements. Philadelphia’s health care and educational communities mobilized quickly to ensure that students would have the required immunizations.  In particular, PDPH identified and sent letters to almost 30,000 adolescents who needed to get up-to-date on their MCV4 vaccinations—and Philadelphia’s health care providers admirably handled a significant surge in patients.

National Immunization Survey shows great results for Philadelphia

Every year, the National Immunization Survey (NIS) collects data on vaccines for children and teens, and provides reliable estimates of vaccination coverage that can be compared across states (and some cities).  The 2016 NIS—released this year—showed terrific performances for Philadelphia’s immunization coverage.

Similarly, Philadelphia’s pediatric immunization rates for 2016 exceed national rates—and many of them meet or exceed the related federal Healthy People 2020 goals.

High coverage rates protect us all from diseases—so keep it up!

When we achieve these high immunization rates, it means that people who are vaccinated don’t get sick. It means we help protect people who can’t be vaccinated, due to certain medical conditions. People are healthier, students can stay in school, adults can keep working, and we stop diseases before they start.

As a result of these high coverage rates, Philadelphia has very low numbers of the diseases that these vaccines prevent. The high coverage rates are working, by preventing outbreaks of disease.

Adults need shots too

So, we’ve been working with providers and pharmacists to increase adult immunizations throughout Philadelphia. And, over the past few years, adult vaccinations have been on the rise!



We’re all in this together

This year, PDPH has distributed $32 million worth of vaccine—over 540,000 doses shipped to you and 180 other providers in Philadelphia!

These numbers would mean nothing without your expertise, and commitment protecting the health of Philadelphia’s residents. Thank you.

 Vaccines save lives. On behalf of the Philadelphia Department of Public  Health, and on behalf of the entire city: Thanks for your hard work in 2017, and we look forward to 2018.