Vaccine Supply Programs

The Philadelphia Immunization Program manages two vaccine supply programs:

Read more about the additional policies for Philadelphia vaccine supply programs:


Office Management and Staff Training

Vaccine Coordinator

Designate one person in your practice to serve as your Vaccine Coordinator. This contact is responsible for ordering vaccines and ensuring that vaccines are stored and handled in a safe manner. Also designate and train a “back-up” Vaccine Coordinator on these issues. List both contacts on the “Medical Practice Profile” form when you enroll as a VFC and/or VFAAR provider.

Read more about the role of the Vaccine Coordinator here.

Staff Training

Train all staff who work with VFC and/or VFAAR vaccines on your office’s protocols for proper vaccine storage and handling. All individuals who will handle and administer vaccines must understand the specific storage requirements and stability limitations of each product.

The Philadelphia Immunization Program offers a number of resources to assist with staff training. Review of vaccine storage and handling is part of the annual quality assurance site visit protocol , and on-site in-services are available upon request to the Immunization Program. In addition, Provider Quality Assurance Nurses and the VFC/VFAAR program management team are available to answer questions by phone.

Changes in a Practice

Staff changes are a common occurrence in VFC and VFAAR provider offices. Any changes to the VFC and/or VFAAR contact, physicians, address, phone number, office hours or patient eligibility numbers should be reported to the Immunization Program immediately.

New Staff Contact Information

Contact Justin Gero, the Immunization Program’s Communications Coordinator, to ensure that your new staff members are added to our contact list to receive important program updates. Include the following information:

  • Practice/Facility Name
  • Name and email address and/or fax number of new staff
  • Any contacts who are no longer working at your site and should be removed from our list

Moving to a New Location

Complete and submit the VFC/VFAAR Moving Form, and in all cases a new Medical Practice Profile will need to be completed. The Immunization Program will help coordinate transporting vaccine and will conduct a storage inspection upon moving the refrigeration and freezer units.

Pharmaceutical Representatives

The Immunization Program operates independently of industry influences and prides itself on being a “choice program.” This enables providers to choose the vaccines that best suit the needs of their practices from a variety of manufacturers.

While the pharmaceutical industry is an important partner in achieving our immunization goals, the pharmaceutical representatives who visit your office represent a pharmaceutical company and are not an extension of the Philadelphia Immunization Program. While it is expected that these individuals will provide you and your staff with education on their products, the Immunization Program will never ask nor encourage these representatives to assess provider vaccine inventory or order vaccine for your VFC and/or VFAAR patients. As a VFC and/or VFAAR provider it is your responsibility to ensure that only authorized VFC and/or VFAAR staff conduct inventory, audits and offer recommendations on vaccine ordering.

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