HPV Immunization Project


The 2012 National Immunization Survey (NIS) showed that Philadelphia immunization providers were the best in the nation at immunizing adolescents. Among adolescents aged 13 to 17 years, Philadelphia has the highest first-dose HPV rates for females (76.2%) and second highest for males (46.7%). However, fewer teens are receiving all three doses of HPV vaccine recommended by the ACIP. This project is an effort to ensure that Philadelphia teens are fully protected from HPV.


The Philadelphia Immunization Program initiated adolescent immunization reminder/recall in January 2014 using the KIDS Plus Immunization Information System (IIS). The Immunization Program will send the following messages to parents of children 11 through 18 years old:

  • If an 11 or 12 year old child has not received any HPV vaccine doses, the parent/guardian will receive a reminder message, as follows: Is your teen up-to-date?
  • If a child 11 through 18 years old has received 1 or 2 HPV vaccine doses, but more than 4 months have elapsed since vaccination, or a child 13 through 18 years old has not received any HPV vaccine doses, the parent/guardian will receive a recall message, as follows: Your teen’s shots are due. It’s time to make a doctor’s appointment.

Before initiation of reminder/recall messaging, the Immunization Program will work with provider offices to update adolescent vaccination histories in KIDS Plus IIS to assure appropriate outreach. Your cooperation in this effort will be greatly appreciated. Reminder/recall messaging will be carefully staggered throughout the year so that provider offices are not overwhelmed.

Provider Education

The Immunization Program is working with the Health Federation of Philadelphia to organize provider education sessions and offer continuing education credits. Education will focus on HPV risks, benefits of immunization, ways to communicate with patients and parents about this vaccine, and tips on how to overcome barriers to HPV vaccination.

Continuing Medical Education Credits

  1. CDC online CME credit webinar
  2. Philadelphia Department of Public Health CME

Media Campaign

In August 2014, PDPH launched a parental education campaign to disseminate important information about HPV infection and prevention. This campaign will focus on HPV vaccine as an important tool for cancer prevention, inform parents that the vaccine is recommended for both boys and girls, and indicate that the ideal age for vaccination is 11 to 12 years of age.

HPV Square Banner

Click here to watch and listen to the CDC’s TV and radio HPV vaccine PSAs.

HPV Immunization Provider Toolkit

HPV Immunization Project Statistics

In 2014 the HPV Immunization Project:

  • Estimated 9,000,000 impressions from the HPV media campaign
  • Mailed 143,000 reminder/recall postcards to parents of adolescents
  • Made 57,975 automated reminder/recall phone calls to parents
  • Added 55,000 immunizations through provider outreach
  • Educated 800 healthcare professionals about HPV vaccines

This project is fully funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Nichole Dantzler

VFAAR Coordinator

Email: Nichole.Dantzler@phila.gov

Phone: 215-685-6837

Fax: 215-685-6806


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