VFC/VFAAR Vaccine Return Policy Changes

The Philadelphia Vaccines for Children (VFC)/ Vaccines For Adults At Risk (VFAAR) “Short-Dated” Vaccine Policy is changing. If you currently have short-dated vaccine in your unit or if you have recently submitted a short-dated form and the vaccine has not been picked up, please follow this new policy.

New Policy, Effective Immediately:

  • Do not submit the “Short-Dated/Returns” form to the VFC/VFAAR program when vaccine is 60-90 days from expiration. This form will no longer be used.
  • PDPH will not pick up short-dated or expired vaccines from provider offices.
  • Follow the guidelines in the March 17, 2014 Health Advisory and in the flowchart for reporting and returning expired, spoiled and wasted vaccine.

Click here to read the full Health Advisory on the VFC/VFAAR vaccine return policy changes.

Click here for the Vaccine Return Policy Flowchart.

Report expired/spoiled vaccine with this form.

Report wasted vaccine with this form.

2014 Immunization Program Updates

This advisory contains information on:

  • Updated 2014 Immunization Schedule
  • HPV Project Reminder/Recall
  • Short-Dated Vaccine Policy Changes
  • Storage and Handling Updates: Data Loggers; Dual Units; Policy Changes
  • Twice Annual AFIX Assessments
  • New VFC/VFAAR and KIDS Enrollment Forms Due June 2014
  • Screen for Insurance at Every Immunization Visit
  • New Immunization Program Manual

Read the full 2014 health advisory here.

VFC FluMist is no longer available

FluMist® quadrivalent vaccine is no longer available through the Philadelphia VFC Program. When ordering VFC influenza vaccine, please select Fluzone® trivalent multidose vials and/or Fluzone® pre-filled syringes (0.25mL).

Read the full advisory here.

HPV Immunization Project

To ensure that Philadelphia teens are fully protected from HPV and its complications, the Philadelphia Immunization Program will launch an HPV immunization campaign during 2014. The HPV immunization project is comprised of three main components (listed in the health advisory below), aimed to improve immunization rates.

Read more about the HPV immunization project in this health advisory.

See updates on the project on this webpage.

VFAAR Program HPV Change of Policy

All VFAAR sites authorized to administer HPV vaccine: Only uninsured patients age 19 through 21 years can be immunized with VFAAR Program-funded HPV vaccine. For all other patients, privately purchased HPV vaccine must be administered to initiate and complete the three dose HPV vaccine series.

Read the full VFAAR policy change here.

Immunization Program Fall Updates

VFC Update

The VFC health advisory contains information on the following:

  • VFC Daptacel® is not available
  • McKesson shipping delays
  • VFC influenza vaccine is available

Click here to read the VFC health advisory.


VFAAR Update

The VFAAR health advisory contains information on the following:

  • McKesson shipping delays
  • Ordering VFAAR vaccine

Click here to read the VFAAR health advisory.


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